Sunday, July 17, 2005

2 Weeks Left in Cali...

Good evening,

I had a great day! Despite not sleeping well, I dragged my tired ass to the gym, and forced myself through my "off-ice" program. Afterwards, I went down the mountain with Angela and Ivan (my mountain roomies) and we had a day of shopping. Though I didn't buy anything, it's nice to get off the mountain every now and then (prolonged isolation up here is what we refer to as "mountain fever").

I was looking forward however to getting back up so that I could finish my book. I'm finishing up "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown (The author of The DaVinci Code, which is incredible!!! If you decide to read it, I recommend the illustrated version.) This novel was actually written before the DaVinci Code, but I am thoroughly enjoying of those thrilling "I can't put it down" type of books.

Well, as the title states I only have 2 weeks left in California, then it's back to Canada for the annual Mariposa Gala (A great show for a wonderful cause... I love doing it!!!), and of course for the end of summer Thornhill competition. I must say, though it's the first competition of the year, and still 4 weeks away, I had better push it into high gear... starting with a good nights sleep.


Damned Delicious Caffeine!

Well I can't sleep!!! It's been a re-occurring problem lately so I've devised this solution. In order to get things off my chest, and get some sleep, I'll write it down here. If it works, anticipate a small novel each evening, and if it doesn't consider this my first and last post...haha!

Anyways, for those who are interested, it's Saturday night in Lake Arrowhead... LATE saturday night. For those who know me, I'm hypersensitive to the effects of caffeine and had a coffee around 4pm today (a little pick me up, aka the kiss-of-death come bedtime).

Summer training is always interesting, but this year I have been so much better than past years. It has always been my season of least improvement, and yet I feel that this year will be unlike any other. The weather here has been Hot as hell of course (note: I am notorious for complaining in winter that it's too cold, and complaining in summer that it's too hot), and could use a nice breeze right about now.

Tomorrow I have the day off skating (Sunday!), but the best thing to do in the mountains is to fill the day with any kind of activity. So I'll probably go for a bike ride to the gym, then read my book by the lake. I'll let you know how it goes.